Forwarding an USB Printer using Remote Desktop

If you’re a user of windows remote desktop [using it currently for work], you might find that, even after ticking printing forwarding, your shiny new USB printer doesn’t show up

This will run you through adding an entry into the registry to fix it
Dealing with the registry can be a dangerous place to be messing with, so make a registry backup before you start editing it.


Double check you’ve got printer forwarding ticked on within Remote Desktop

If you’ve got a .RDP file, right-click on it and go edit. If not, just crack open RD as per usual
Ensure options is “expanded” and go to the local resources tab
If the box labeled printers isn’t ticked, tick it.
Do not connect just yet..


Crank open the Registry editor

Go start -> Run, type ‘cmd’*, once at the c-prompt (c:\>) type ‘regedit’ and enter


Browse to the following..

HKEY_CURRENT_USER -> Software -> Microsoft -> Terminal Server Client -> Default -> Addins -> RDPDR


Within the Key RDPDR, add a new DWORD Value

Call it FilterQueueType (I’m pretty sure it’s CAsE sENsiTiVE), and give it a value of ffffffff (8 f’s)
Click ok and close down the registry editor


Ensure driver is installed on the remote Computer

Your printer is only going to forward itself to a PC that has a driver installed on it, so download/copy the driver across and install it

Hint: To install a printer driver on a computer without it showing up in the printer list, open up the printers and faxes window, go file -> server properties, go to the drivers tab and then add your printer

* without the quotations

If you need more information on this check this link