How to recover unallocated space

Have you formatted a portable hard-drive and not get the full capacity? This happened to me a while ago, in my case I had already made a backup of the contents of the external drive. When I formatted the flash-drive it did not give me the full capacity which it was 16GB; instead it gave me 14GB. Not so much of a difference (2GB) but hey you can do a lot with 2GB for example, store the latest Linux distribution [Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, etc.]

Depending what version of Windows you’re running…
Windows 7 –> Start –> ‘Search programs and files’ type: cmd –> press Enter
Windows 8/8.1 –> Right-click Start –> select Run –> type: cmd –> press Enter

On your C prompt –> type: diskpart –> press Enter
(User Account Control –> click ‘Yes’)


Type: list disk


As you can see, it displays the disks that are online… logically Disk 0 is your internal HDD
In this case I’m interested in Disk 2 (14GB), so type as follows:

DISKPART> select disk 2

DISKPART> clean all (not recommended on SSD disk)

DISKPART> create partition primary

You can retype list disk, and notice you get your 16GB flash drive

DISKPART> list disk


You can also type ‘exit’ on the command prompt

Now you can use the HDD or flash drive with full capacity… you’re done!


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